Being proactive on the action of chose what surround us, chose who can help us in our day a day. 

Chose the moments of loneliness and the moments who we need to be surrounded by friends.

We’ll always find some people across our life that won’t contribute anything or only bad vibes. 

Be conscious with who you want to share your time and your personal feelings.
The people who will make you happy, it will make you proactive too.


My end of times will start when I start to travel on my own and with all my free time.

When I start to discover the world and all the different ethnicities that the world can bring, and start to understand the nature of every part of the world.

I can see me fixing it in that part of the world that realizes me, and it always makes me feel complete and at peace. With all the knowledge got in my hole life.



       1.- My rocks:

  • To every begin, it’s necessary for me to think with me, in how I’m feeling and rebuild me to take the energies and forces to continue.
  • It’s necessary a basic organization of my day a day for having a mental clearly focus and confront my tasks.

     2.- My pebbles:

  • Then, I will think in my beloved ones. The ones who more aports me and care how they are feeling. They listen and help me any time that I need it. There it’ll moments that they will go on the top of “my sand” or under them.

    3.- My sand:

  • My obligations having a clear and safety feature for the labour world, that means my studies and have a constant practice of my knowledge. Create projects, learn new ways of programs, and see the uploads in IT world.


I always aplicate a WIN-WIN confront in a discution with someone important for me. A situation that in both sides we are annoyed and it’s important know that we want resolve the confront, and we are important for each other, we don’t want break the relation.

This can happend with people like my relationship, my family or my closest friends.

5.- Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood

Every one grows up with a way that process every information, new or action from exterior differently from the rest.

Despite the fact that your way of process every information it’s different from the rest, you respect, know and empathize the cause of his/her reaction. 

6.- Synergy

In some moments I felt as a leader of my group of friends, because we lived moments where someone doesn’t know what to do in that moment, and it was necessary take decisions.

With that kind of moments I could understand the situation, and know what every person in my group of friends can do for their skills and the lived situation to solve the problem.

That kind of moments shows me that knowing the skills of every person of the group and knowing how to distribute every necessary task for every person, every situation in group and teamwork can be resolved.

And doesn’t matter if in your group there isn’t a person that can resolve a part of the problem, because with patience, optimism and a clear mind, can be resolved with team work.

7.- Sharpen the saw. What will you do to keep your balance?

The four key dimensions of my life, physical, social/emotional, mental, and spiritual. Each one deserves the necessary attention to have a good balance in my day a day and have the will forgo on. At this point I explain how I treat every key dimension to have my balance:

  • Physical: A good care of your physical, it’s also important for a good flow of the energy inside your body. I take care of what I eat and drink, there will always a moment to be tricky and enjoy of food or a little of alcohol, but always with the secure of drinking enough water, eat fruit, and a healthy balanced food. Also, a minimum of exercise every week it’s important for a healthy physical.
  • Emotional: For my emotional health, I try to “split” all my thoughts and feelings writing in my little notebook that I carry in every moment in my pocket. In other moments, a ride by bike or a tour in the mountains always help me to relax and think that not everything it’s lost.
  • Mental: The distractions of my day a day will be always the social media. That, avoid me on focus with my work. That’s why in my phone I put the necessary restriction for use social media apps 30 or 0 minutes a day. In case of use it in my computer, I force myself to close social media windows and put chill music to relax and try to continue with my work.
  • Spiritual: With my spirit carry, I always try new ways to calm down and recharge my spiritual energy. Always that I can I meditate by my own, and when I can I practice the magic of yoga. But the most important thing at this point of view, is try to not lose my spirit, and give it his time forgive me my energy or my time to recharge.